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About Antiques in Time

Nestled in a picturesque Victorian streetscape, Antiques in Time is located at 45 York Street in Stratford, Ontario, home to the world renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival. York Street is one of the most charming retail streets in the province offering a unique shopping experience overlooking scenic Lake Victoria.

Antiques in Time specializes in the sale and repair of antique clocks and watches. Established by Bruce Walsh in 1977, Antiques in Time is one of the few remaining businesses of its kind. From its humble beginnings in rural Ontario to the bustling energy of Toronto's Queen Street East, Antiques in Time came home to Stratford in 1990.

Over the past 30 years Antiques in Time has acquired a fine collection of antique clocks and watches and built a reputation for exceptional service of both contemporary and antique timepieces.

In 1998, John Shantz joined Antiques in Time as an apprentice bringing the patience and dedication needed to be successful in this practice. Through his apprenticeship with Bruce Walsh and his formal training at the NAWCC School of Horology in Columbia, Pennsylvania, John has become exceptional in the craft of clock and watch restoration.

In August of 2004, John and his wife Catherine Walsh purchased Antiques in Time, ensuring a traditional practice and successful business will continue in the heart of our community.

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